The Philadelphia Inquirer, 30 May 1914

Sir Henry Seton-Karr. He had been born in Bombay, India, on 5 February 1853, to George Berkeley, b. 1818 in Gloucestershire, who worked for the Indian Civil Service, and Eleanor (nee Usborne; b. 6 July 1821, apparently in the London area) Seton-Karr, who had married 27 April 1848 at All Souls Church in the Marylebone district of London in the Church of England. His known brothers and sisters were Henrietta, born 17 June 1850 in Poona, Bombay, India, Andrew, 30 October 1851 in Nasick, India, Heywood Walter, b. 2 June 1859 in Belgaum, India. He sat in the house of commons for the Conservative Party from 1885 to 1906. He was educated at Harrow School and Corpus Christi College at Oxford University. He gained the degree of Master of Arts in law and was called to the bar Lincoln’s Inn in 1879. He owned a cattle ranch (Pick Ranch) in Wyoming, USA and was a director of Capitol Freehold Land and Investment Co. He became a Deputy Lieutenant for Roxburghshire in 1896. He had married Edith Eliza Pilkington on 11 November 1880 and they had three children. After her death in 1884, he married Jane Jarvie Thorburn in 1886 and they had two children. In 1901, he lived in Whitehall Court, St. Martin in the Fields, London, with his wife Jannie (born in Shanghai), their son Kenneth, and three servants. He was described as a member of parliament. In 1891, he lived at Stanhope Gardens in Kensington, London, with wife Jane J., (born in China), sons George Bernard, born 1881 in Prescot, Lancashire, and Henry M., born in Scotland around 1882. There were also six servants in the household. He had come to Canada 14 May 1914 and was on his way back to England after a hunting trip to British Columbia. His address at the time was 47 Chester Square, Middlesex (London), England. According to the Canadian Pacific Railway, his body was identified (3 June at Quebec).

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